Welcome ZozoBugBaby to Project Artisan

Frida Set

This morning, we opened the site to our first children’s clothing designer, Julie Martin and her line ZozoBugBaby.  This line is full of bright, vibrant colors and patterns that pay tribute to the free-spirited radiance of childhood.

Designer Julie Martin has a background as a professional artist and owned her own mural-painting company for more than 10 years.  With her love of art and her boundless creativity, Julie began to focus her efforts on sewing clothing.  It was the perfect fit for this mother of two, whose two daughters supply ample inspiration! Julie now sells her line ZozoBugBaby online and in select locations.  She has been written about in numerous blogs, was named as one Etsy’s Top 50 Moms.

ZozoBugBaby offers unique, hand-crafted designs.  We fell in love with the entire collection.  If you are shopping for a special young one in your life, we recommend checking out the following:

The Frida Set- a skirt and top created as a tribute to artist Frida Kahlo.  We love the details of the pom-pom trim, the careful way in which the layers merge together, and the variety patterns so indicative of ZozoBugBaby’s style.

Izzy Bee Dress

The Izzy Bee Dress– a sleek, sophisticated mix of black and white patterned fabrics make this the perfect LBD- with a twist- for your chic child. Add a Gracylu Originals bow for a dash of color.

Candy Twirl Set

The Candy Twirl Set– colorful patterns and careful details will endear you to this skirt/top set.

Still curious for more? Shop ZozoBugBaby on Project Artisan to see what style will fit your favorite child.


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