Welcome 1 Per Diem

A friend of Project Artisan introduced us to designer Vanessa Espinosa’s line 1 Per Diem, insisting that we would love the highly curated collection of beautiful bags and cuffs.  She was right! When we saw the collection and learned of Vanessa’s story, we knew she would be a perfect fit for Project Artisan.   Living in New York, Vanessa works with a family-owned, small manufacturing company. She keeps all production local.

Born in the Philippines, Vanessa was inspired by the voyage of literary traveler Isabella Bird, and ten years ago, she packed her life in two suitcases and moved to the U.S.  She transitioned from a career in diplomacy in Washington, D.C. then came to New York in 2005 where she began to pursue her career in design. Vanessa’s line, 1 Per Diem is a collection that honors her ideals. Each item is made with the most care and highest craftsmanship available. Her accessories are meant to last with enough durability for an active lifestyle.

Each piece in the 1 Per Diem line awakens the adventurer within. Perhaps that is because Vanessa, the line’s creator, is bold and adventurous. The bags and cuffs have a rustic-luxe aesthetic that we love.

Vanessa stays involved in every aspect of production, making sure that her local manufacturers are attentive…and at the same time, happy. Integrity and quality are sewn into the finished pieces.

We look forward to seeing new work from Vanessa. We have been informed that she has just developed a line of custom made spring colors that will brighten any wardrobe. This is one designer who finds new ways to reinvent herself and her collection. We can’t wait to see what she thinks of next!


1 Response to “Welcome 1 Per Diem”

  1. 1 Lisa
    February 28, 2011 at 1:51 pm

    That bag is to die for and I love that she is involved in everything!

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