Robin Keyser for StyleBlueprint

Project Artisan founder Robin Keyser was a featured guest blogger for StyleBlueprint today.  Here is an excerpt of what she has to say.  For the full story, visit StyleBlueprint.

“Ok.  I will admit it.  I shop at Target.  There I’ve said it.  I enjoy a bargain like anyone else.  However, I also admit I feel guilty.  I don’t know anything about my $5 t-shirt except that it will fall apart before it goes out of style.  I don’t know anything else except that I probably don’t want to know anything else, and I can’t resist Isaac Mizrahi for Target.

robinkeyser profile Project ArtisanAuthor of this post, and Project Artisan founder Robin Keyser

These days, I find myself rapidly adding to a list of things I used to care about, which really don’t matter to me anymore, like being right instead of happy or owning the perfect “it” handbag of the moment.  Some things are starting to matter more; I want quality in what I buy.  I want to know where the product was made and under what working conditions.  I want to know the story.

I started Project Artisan as a place where established and emerging designers, making products of quality and craftsmanship, can reach their customers. Customers who care about what they buy.  Especially customers like myself with a bad case of Target guilt.  I like to think that the story, even the DNA, of the people involved in making the fashion we wear is woven into the fabric.  Clothes made by people who are treated fairly and who love what they do just feel better to buy and to wear.” Read More

Visit Project Artisan: www.projectartisan.com

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