Tuesday’s Favorite Thing

Today, our favorite thing is more like a concept than a thing, and it is one that continues to change and evolve as we  learn, grow, and shop.  Luxury.  The very word conjures up thoughts of Italian villas, high-priced cars and leather handbags.

According to a new report issued from the Boston Consulting Group, consumers’ ideas about the traditional notion of luxury have changed during this Great Recession.

In the 1990s, luxury meant owning the right brand.  However, thanks to the Internet and availability of information, the average consumer began to ask for more- we became pickier and more influenced by experience.

When the recession hit, consumers felt a certain guilt about spending money and started to steer away from name brands.  Substance ruled over style.  According to the report from the Boston Consulting Group,”Consumers want something genuine, even meaningful, from their luxury purchases and have become more willing to pay for services or experiences that make them happy.”

We could not agree more!  The report also states that things like tradition, craftsmanship, spirituality, locally grown products, the environment and ethics are sharply rising values.

While there is still demand for fast-fashion and high-priced manufactured items, the trend-setting consumers are changing the way they shop.  They are “moving to a more introverted kind of consumption that involves family and living well.”  This makes sense, doesn’t it?  I mean, how luxurious do you feel when you know your gorgeous handbag was made by someone treated unfairly?  It just feels better to know that you are paying for quality and integrity.

We have been saying these things since Project Artisan was just a dream in the making, so reading this report confirmed for us that we are joined by others in moving to a more ethical definition of luxury.

The designers we feature on Project Artisan all focus on quality craftsmanship and value ethical manufacturing practices.  Many of them make one-of-a-kind items in limited quantities.  They maintain integrity in all aspects of design and implementation.

The very notion of luxury may be changing to meet today’s consumer.  We invite you to see what this new wave of luxury is all about.

To shop the style, click here.
To read the entire report, click here.


1 Response to “Tuesday’s Favorite Thing”

  1. 1 Karen
    February 28, 2011 at 1:54 pm

    Love this necklace and I love Project Artisan! I love ethical fashion!

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