Tuesday Favorite Thing: Sarah Souther Guitar Strap

Each week, we face the same difficult decision: choosing one favorite thing out of the many we see. This week is no exception! However, one product quickly rose to the top of our list as the holidays approach and our favorite sing-along music plays in the air.  Music is on our minds, along with holiday shopping.  So, it is no surprise that artist/designer Sarah Souther and her leather/suede guitar straps made this week’s favorite thing.

We first saw Sarah’s guitar straps at the nD Festival in Nashville, TN, and fell in love with the intricate design and impeccable craftsmanship.  As an Irish-born resident of Nashville, Sarah sees her share of musicians.  She started her career working with silks and other soft, sensuous materials and then began to use skins- leather and suede.  With Music City, USA, as a constant source of inspiration, Sarah went from making scarves and skirts to creating accessories designed for musicians.  Her guitar straps are flawless-each a piece of art made from the softest leather we have ever touched.

Sarah employs a filigree technique in making her straps and cuffs, and she carefully cuts designs into the leather then stitches the front and back pieces together.  We appreciate Sarah’s technique and the ingenuity of her designs.  Her unisex straps feature edgy cut-outs of things like birds, crosses, hearts, leaves, and flowers.

If you have a music lover on your holiday list, take a moment to check out Sarah Souther on Project Artisan.


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