Buying vintage fur: it’s a luxury, but is it ethical?

I have always said NO to fur: out of a love for animals, a disdain for high-pile  pelts and their obvious elitist vibe, and a fear of  the wrath/red paint righteousness of  animal rights activists.

And then I made an amazing find in the cramped basement of The Vintage Bar in a funky yet  fashionable Paris ‘hood. I was cold and on vacation so I played dress up with coats of fur: first  too big and garish,then  too small and creepy, and then the Goldilocks thing happened. A perfect fitting sheared silver fox coat with beaver collar and cuff, lambskin trim, horn buttons, bound button holes, and iridescent silk lining came to enshroud me. Museum quality couture! I came up with a number of reasons why I should adopt this little guy: custom-made by hand in the 1970’s by Azzedine Alaia in a nearby apartment, no sweatshop labor, pure craftsmanship, a recycled, re-purposed organic garment that I could bring back to life. The poor foxes were gone but I did not want their lives to be sacrificed in vain. How’s that for rationalization? And the fact that it is sheared makes it more low key, and they make amazing faux beaver these days…I just had to have it, so I listened to my gut and thought about the years when Alaia was not so well known and made this one-of-a- kind coat  that must have been meant for me: slow fashion, heirloom quality, organic materials, formaldyhide-free.

Am I Cruella DeVille in fox clothing? What say you?


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