Welcome 2ETN Jewelry to Project Artisan

Pamela and Ed, the husband and wife team behind Pamela Tuohy’s 2ETN  line of jewelry find inspiration in the classic American portrait and mourning miniatures.  2ETN represents all for that which Project Artisan stands- ethical luxury that is made with absolute attention to craftsmanship and design.  Each piece is a hand-made work of art that features iconic images framed by antique, precious metals,or stone settings.

We were thrilled to add this line to Project Artisan.  We have seen nothing exactly like this jewelry or the duo behind the brand. This is not jewelry for the jejune.  It is to be relished, collected, and cherished, like fine art or fine wine.

We’re not snobs, but we rather like exclusivity.  It feels good to own a one-of-a-kind art piece that connects you to the artist and to a community of artisans. We love the spirit behind 2ETN.

But we’re not the only ones to tout the greatness of this brand. 2ETN has been featured in W, Elle, Numero Tokyo, Nylon, Lula, WWD, FLAIR, Lucky, FELD, Zink, A4, CLEAR, Vibe & The City.

Also worth noting, they give a percentage of all sales to the Pine Ridge Indian Adopt-a-Buffalo Program.

Discover 2ETN and meet the designers on Project Artisan.


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