Tuesday’s Favorite is Billy Reid

Billy Reid is Southern luxury, defined.  This designer from Florence, Alabama, has strong ties to the tradition of American clothing and culture. We had the opportunity to work with Billy and his staff at the nD Festival in Nashville, TN, this past September, and from there, our admiration and respect for him grew deeper.

Billy Reid designs clothing that lasts- timeless classics that can be passed down to the next generation. Billy Reid clothes are American-made, with 100% natural materials. Even the buttons are constructed from organic materials.  His values and ethics regarding manufacturing and production are equally as significant as his classically handsome elements of design.  For all that he is to the fashion industry, he has received recognition.

Billy has just received the prestigious 2010 CFDA/Vogue award for American emerging designers.  This award was established by Vogue and the Council of Fashion Designers of America seven years ago, and the winner gets $300,000 for his business along with a one-year mentorship with a leading industry professional.  Past recipients of this award include designers such as Alexander Wang, Sophie Theallet, and more.

You will not see Billy Reid clothing offered in discount stores, close-out sales, or sold for a fraction of the price online.  Bombarded by the recent trends of disposable fashion and fire-sale Internet shopping, we crave designers who value their work enough to maintain integrity.  It’s not the most popular choice to spend the extra money on quality manufacturing from local, fair-trade sources, but it is the choice that Billy Reid and others (Alabama Chanin and other PA designers) are making.  And those choices enhance the finished products, making them unique, and highly sought after.

Congratulations, Billy, for your win and also for all you do to shape the future of fashion.

To learn more about Billy Reid, watch this video produced for the nD Festival by filmmaker Loree Gold and shot by Jeff Wilson of Nashville, TN.


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