Welcome Mary Kincaid to Project Artisan- Vintage for Halloween and Beyond- by Rachel Lang


For those of you who don’t know me, I am Rachel Lang, Marketing Director of Project Artisan.  Today is Halloween, one of my favorite holidays.  In my late teens, I began a tradition of combing through vintage stores and finding treasures I could later turn into costumes.  From there grew within me a deep love for vintage.

While vintage is great for costuming, it also can add glam to your modern-day wardrobe in an eco-friendly, sustainable manner. Did you know that 90 million clothing items end up in landfills every year?  Our new designer Mary Kincaid, procurer of vintage couture, informed me of that statistic.  We added her line of fabulous vintage today in honor of Halloween.

Mary Kincaid’s line is small but mighty.  She has pieces from designers including Diane von Furstenberg and more.  Mary stays busy, shipping to 14 different countries, and appearing on many eco-blogs and websites.  She also shows at some of the premiere vintage expos, at which she uses all recycled cardboard hangers.  She does her best to leave no carbon footprints on the earth.  We love her policy of planing 10 trees with every order.  So, if you order today from Mary, you can feel good knowing 10 trees will be planted in your honor.

We look forward to seeing more from Mary in the next few months.  Happy Halloween and happy shopping!


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