Tuesday’s Favorite- Fancy Fish Bone Earring by Margaret Ellis

Project Artisan’s own Nina Thomas was shopping the site this week and in her excitement emailed about Margaret Ellis’ Fancy Fish Bone Earring.  The wordsmith that she is, she wrote about this earring, “There is something mysterious and elemental about creatures of the sea. Margaret sets these guys in motion by designing their undulating fish scales with labradorite beads, anchored by heads and tails stylized in bronze.” So true, Nina! Her words this week made Margaret Ellis’ Fish Bone Earring this Tuesday’s favorite thing.

Margaret Ellis has a refined, elegant sensibility.  Her work, at times can be playful (see the Bubbles Cuff), but it is always beautifully crafted by her team of artisans.  Margaret maintains the belief that a piece of jewelry can be timeless, and she makes her pieces to last, sustaining style through current fads or trends.It is no wonder that her work has appeared on countless celebrities, and it was even worn in one of our favorite fashion movies, Sex in the City.

The Fancy Fish Bone earring does not disappoint.  First of all, let’s talk about the stones. We have always thought that labradorite has mystical reticulation and coloration.  It is a stone that complements any outfit because of its unique properties. In this Fancy Fish Bone design, the labradorite hangs delicately from the bronze posts.

In short, we love the overall design of this piece.  For a stellar combination, try the Fancy Fish Bone with Margaret Ellis’ Jill Chain With Labradorite Necklace.  Stunning! Lucky is the person who dives in to order these seaworthy treasures!


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