TOO MUCH STUFF by Nina Thomas

I spent the weekend in Atlanta on two major mall crawls and it just about did me in.
Don’t get me wrong I love to shop, but there’s just too much stuff out there to sift through.
And most of it is not good.
That’s why I like small stores with a clear sense of identity– Americana, vintage-inspired, urban chic, etc. And it’s even better when the buyer has great taste– one you can trust to find the good stuff.
And if you think bricks and mortar stores are work, it’s even harder to sift through Internet sites.
You know, it just occurred to me that Project Artisan is like that small store with a clear identity and a buyer you can trust.
Think of PA as the eyes and ears for emerging designers of eco-friendly and ethical luxury–all equally represented on an excellent E-commerce platform.
(Count the number of the letter “E”‘s in that sentence!) Back to the point I want to make:
Some say “more is better”, but I say “less is best”.
I’m just sayin’…


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