Vintage is Tuesday’s favorite thing

We have definitely seen a resurgence of vintage as the latest in sustainable living and “upcycling.”  This past weekend hosted the Vintage Expo in Santa Monica, CA, and vendors from all over the country showed (and sold) their vintage clothing and accessories.  Carefully curated, this expo hosted vendors who mostly sold high-end vintage fashions.  We encountered everything from Louis Vuitton bags to red carpet ready beaded gowns to Hermes scarves. It was purely delightful.

To love vintage, you must embrace that smell of history- that scent of natural fibers and polyesters that have been lovingly worn, cared for, and cleaned.  The Expo stirred all of the senses, as we tried on vintage furs, wool, leather, and cotton fabrics.

Wearing vintage connects you to the ones who have preceded you in fashion.

Many designers we have seen are re-purposing vintage materials and using them to create jewelry and clothing.  Our own designer Amanda Urrego, creator of the line many will see, does this with her jewelry.  Another designer we met at the vintage show takes the most gorgeous vintage bedspreads and makes 1940s-style robes out of the decadent fabrics.

Walking up and down the aisles at the Vintage Expo is nothing short of true inspiration.  Some designs are classic, timeless. Others are true to their period, such as this polyester dress imprinted with the face of a lion. Trends come and go…and then often come back again. Vintage frowns at the notion of disposable fashion.

To see the Plum Vintage line of vintage jewelry on Project Artisan, click here! Or to shop many will see, click here.


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