Favorite Thing Tuesday- Sunstone Wraparound by Designer Jill Evans Petzall

Today’s Tuesday’s favorite thing comes from St. Louis, MO, where designer Jill Evans Petzall carefully combines beads and stones into wearable masterpieces. I recently had the honor of seeing (and touching) Jill’s “Touchstones” creations the last time I was in St. Louis, and I must say that each one feels divine. I ran my fingers over opals,  labradorite, and the most delightful pearls you could ever imagine.

What amazes me is how Jill chooses each- and I mean each– bead by hand, placing one next to another with precision.  She has told me that placing beads and stones together reminds her of editing film/video (she is a producer in her other life), and she likens creating a piece of jewelry to telling a visual story in film. As a producer of documentary films, Jill knows and understands the power of stories to shape ideas and lives.

Our philosophy at Project Artisan is that the story of the artisans who make the clothes and accessories we wear gets woven into the fabric of that item.  It is as if the person’s DNA is a part of the product.  So, it was a natural connection for us to invite Jill to be a part of the site. Especially since she considers the stories of the materials she uses, and she travels worldwide to hand-pick each stone, bead, or clasp, in her jewelry.

So, today, I had the difficult task of picking one favorite among Jill’s creations, and I picked the Sunstone Wraparound.  This piece just feels good.  It feels like the Sun-bright, warm, and radiant.  When I tried it on, I felt a little empowered and energized.  Plus, on a more practical level, I like the way it can be wrapped several times, worn long and dramatic as a single strand, or worn as a bracelet.  It has versatility.  This is definitely a signature piece that would be a staple in any wardrobe. I could see the orange in contrast with a black dress, worn long 1920s-style.  Or for a completely different look, worn doubled over a white peasant shirt and jeans. This piece inspired my imagination.  Hopefully, it will do the same (and more!) for the lucky one who gets to bring it home.



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