Our Favorite Things Tuesdays

On Tuesdays, we will be featuring our favorite thing for the week.  As lovers of fashion, we are constantly scoping the Internet, magazines, shops, and friends’ closets for new things with which to fall in love.  That is how we discover new designers to invite onto the site (and into our closets).  We love the creativity and techniques of our Project Artisan designers.  Our Tuesday’s favorite things will not always feature Project Artisan products, but this week, we just fell head-over-heels for PA designer Amanda Urrego’s  Hull Scraper necklace from her line, many will see.

We admire Amanda’s use of color and also the meticulous way she weaves vintage materials together to create truly a neck-wear masterpiece. This necklace is no exception.  I recently had the chance to try on the Hull Scraper necklace at the nD Festival’s Patrons Party, and after holding it and seeing it in person, this piece became my favorite thing. 

There is a sense of connection in each many will see piece of jewelry.  You feel connected to history, art and Amanda, the artist.  Each piece is a sculpture, and if you watch Amanda work, you can see the careful way she weaves vintage objects together into one design.

The Hull Scraper necklace has an asymmetrical design that flatters every neck and jawline.  Plus, Amanda contrasts the colorful vintage beads with a heavy anchor, giving the necklace weight and dimension.  It is a piece that calls to be worn and displayed!  It is not the kind of necklace that will hide amidst your jewelry collection.  Likewise, it takes a bold person to wear this piece.  It will attract attention and admiration.

If you live in Nashville or LA, you are probably familiar with Amanda’s line.  Her work retails at select boutiques and also online.  Project Artisan designers Imogene + Willie also have an exclusive collection made by Amanda available at their store on 12 South in Nashville.  If you are a bit curious and want to know more about Amanda, you can read more or direct message her at Project Artisan.

If you have something you think we definitely need to consider for our favorite thing next Tuesday, please post a comment!

Happy shopping.


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