Project Artisan adds a new designer: Jane Pope

Jane Pope’s Jewelry collection is remarkably beautiful.  She considers every detail in her design and execution, and the result is exquisite.  Her pieces each shine with rich yellow, white or rose gold, and they feature mystical subjects such as a sea sponge Porifera or a 14kt gold Scarab beetle necklace.

When you see Jane’s work, you understand why she attracts attention from media and celebrities alike.  Celebrities ranging from Natalie Portman to Debra Messing have worn Jane Pope Jewelry. In fact, one of her pieces was a favorite on the Red Carpet of the Emmy’s. As far as media goes, you may have seen Jane’s pieces while flipping through magazines such as Vogue, Elle, Glamour, Cosmopolitan and Seventeen.  Marie Claire magazine named New Yorker Jane Pope  “10 Best Style makers to Watch.”

We are so pleased to have her as a part of Project Artisan.  Enjoy shopping!


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