nD Festival Thanks by Robin Keyser and PA Team

The nD (indie) Festival has drawn to a close, and as we left Nashville this morning the positive energy,  vivid memories and overall excitement generated by the five-day celebration came along with us.

We are so grateful for the commitment of the nD artists, including Project Artisan designers Debe Dohrer, Betsy Hindman of Plum Vintage, Amanda Urrego of many will see, and Brooke Shipley of Coquette swimwear. Their participation in the Patrons Party was stunning, as displays were set up in the Zeitgeist Gallery and swimwear models graced the Belcourt stage.

We also thank Nike Kondakis for traveling all the way from Kenya to feature her collection of dresses and accessories made from recycled parachutes and dead wood brought back to life.

Last night was a dream come true for me.  In case you missed it, let me just tell you that the EnD fashion show combined three things I love the most: film, fashion and music.  When I started the process of building Project Artisan two years ago, I could imagine the profound impact of this site.  Last night, I saw it firsthand as regional designers Imogene + Willie, Billy Reid and Alabama Chanin, told their stories through film and showed their lines on the Belcourt’s runway.  In doing so, they connected to nearly 300 participants.

Connections… among people, places, and their passions…that is what I love to make happen. It is such an inspiration to see my favorite designers reach new audiences, and that is exactly what happened through the festival.

Part of the reason I wanted to involve Project Artisan in the festival was to launch our site and introduce it to the world through a celebratory event to support a good cause- the Belcourt Theatre in Nashville, Tennessee. nD Festival did attract a lot of attention from bloggers, local and national media, and we are so thankful for that attention- for the designers, the Babel musicians who performed, the Belcourt, and also for Project Artisan.

Leaving Nashville and the festival we take with us our excitement, passion and fond memories of the event.  More importantly, we are even more strongly committed to our work.  Thank you for your participation.

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