My favorite thing Tuesday by Rachel Lang

As Marketing Director of Project Artisan, my job includes working closely with our designers to help build and maintain their Project Artisan presences. It excites me to experience our designers’ incomparable creativity and ambition.

Last night, I came home and found a package at my doorstep.  When I saw the return address, I was overcome by the thrill of new jewelry.  Is there anything more divine?  So, I opened the package, singing, “I’ve got new jewelry! I’ve got new jewelry!”throughout the house.  I pulled out the lariat necklace from Debe Dohrer, one of our PA jewelry designers and found the closest mirror to try on my new accessory. This gorgeous, fun, and versatile lariat inspired me to focus today’s blog post on my favorite thing this week.

Thanks, Debe, for the inspiration!

Here are a few reasons why Debe Dohrer’s lariat is my favorite thing this week:

  1. I love the details. Each bead was carefully woven into place.
  2. The piece is versatile. It can be a choker, a long necklace, combined with other pieces,    worn as a bracelet- the possibilities are endless.
  3. Its color is really pretty amazing. Kind of gray/green/brown/khaki depending on the lighting.  It even has a bit of a purple in it.  I love that it will go with anything.
  4. The weight is truly spectacular.  The beads are so light, almost weightless.  Then, the clasp pieces have incredible gravity. It’s really the perfect balance between delicate and strong.
  5. I love that Debe Dohrer made it. If you haven’t met Debe- you absolutely must!  She is  brilliantly creative, has a smart sense of style, and is truly delightful. Her passion for her jewelry is infectious.  Also, I love how she uses ancient beading techniques to create modern masterpieces.  Genius.

Visit Debe’s site at projectartisan.com to learn more about her story and see more of her jewelry. I am sure one of her pieces could easily be your favorite thing this week!


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