nina thomas on Imogene+Willie

Nina and her son in Imogene+Willie jeans

Nina Thomas enjoys writing almost as much as she loves fashion.  So, when we began our process of building our PA blog, she was our first pick for a writer/contributor.

For those of you who know Nina, either personally or from her famous PA Facebook posts, you know she travels the world to explore both international trends and off-the-beaten-track indie designers.  With her own sophisticated style, she could easily be one featured in People magazine’s best-dressed.  We asked Nina to pick, at random, a Project Artisan designer about which to write.  She chose to write about one of her faves, the Nashville-based Imogene+Willie.  Here is Nina on Imogene+Willie:

Matt and Carrie are not only designers of denim, but purveyors of an ethereal old-school vision of Americana. Their retail establishment, Imogene + Willie, is located in a re-purposed gas station in my neighborhood and has become a way of life around Nashville. They have created a rather hip Norman Rockwell scene where kids, dogs, oldsters, and the like gather in the back yard for music and “mas tacos”– and most importantly, for each other.

Whether you live in Memphis, Madagascar or somewhere in between, you can become part of the  I+W community via Project Artisan. Matt and Carrie have posted an engaging video to show who they are and how much they care.

Shop Imogene + Willie at Project Artisan

Read about Imogene + Willie in the Nashville Scene

by Nina Thomas


1 Response to “nina thomas on Imogene+Willie”

  1. August 20, 2010 at 10:00 pm

    Great blog on I+W, and terrific shot of mother and son in Italy.

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