Project Artisan Launches to Loyal Facebook Fans

The Project Artisan team worked more than 24 hours straight, managing a few technical glitches, to debut the Project Artisan shopping site to a select group of people: our 1,326 Facebook fans.  This may seem unprecedented for an emerging business to start with this sort of slow unveiling.  However, we wanted to let our fans be the first to shop and experience Project Artisan before anyone else.  These fans have been with us from the beginning, following our posts and updates as we worked to create an innovative e-commerce site with a global reach.

Every detail was considered in the building of this site; this took a special creative team, led by David Yepiz and Robin Keyser.  They envisioned their ideal shopping experience and created it for you here.
So, what is this Facebook launch?  We are forever fascinated by technology and its ability to connect us to each other.  Our curiosity about the impact and reach of social media has grown, and we wanted to find out what would happen if we unveiled Project Artisan in stages–with social media as the great first step.

Since our Facebook fans have been so loyal, we wanted them to have first look at the site. Also, it would allow us to take suggestions and feedback to make our Project Artisan site even better before our global launch in September.  Of course, we can’t stop a good thing from spreading!  And we hope that good things do happen through social media and word-of-mouth for the next several weeks.  We hope that by the time we have our international launch and release our complete site to the the world, Project Artisan will be a prime source for great fashion internationally!

We are thrilled to launch today, introducing you to our ten specially-selected designers. We look forward to helping our designers reach a global audience and anticipate the positive impact all of our work will have on the planet and its people.


1 Response to “Project Artisan Launches to Loyal Facebook Fans”

  1. 1 Nina Thomas
    August 2, 2010 at 5:47 am

    Project Artisan was born at 10:41 pm PST. Welcome to the cyberworld!

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